What do I need to bring with me?
The yacht comes fully equipped with navigational instruments, safety equipment including life-vests, charts and marine information, cooking utensils and of course bed linen and towels are provided. All you really need to bring are your personal clothes and items, which should include some plus sun hats and sunglasses, sun cream and a camera!

To stay overnight, should I always moor in port?
It is not necessary as along the coast there are frequent natural shelters, such as creeks or bays, where you can spend the night perfectly. In fact it is an experience recommended and something that you cannot miss.

Is smoking allowed on board?
Smoking is prohibited in the cabins and inner areas, it is allowed to smoke in the cover.

Do I have to provide food and a bed to the skipper?
Yes, of course. This means that if you buy food, keep in mind the skipper. In addition, the skipper has his own cabin to sleep.

What are the duties of the skipper:
The main duty of the skipper is the safety of the crew during its stay on the vessel and immediately after the safety of the vessel itself. The skipper will welcome you at the dock and will help you with the luggage and supplies. Then he will show you all the parts of the vessel in detail and will inform you for the itinerary and the places you will visit. Factors that may affect the itinerary is the weather and the season you rent the boat.

  • Swim in extremely crystal turquoise waters

    explore hidden beauty, ancor in inaccessible bays

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