Dear Gregory and Katerina!!!
This was the most wonderful birthday and the most beautiful and extremely pleasant experience in holiday time. We all thank you for your hospitality and attention and wish you and your family luck and prosperity!
Everything was very super!!!
Russian team

Thank you once again for the amazing week second year in a raw - 5 star rating. Hope to see you next year again!!! 
For the second year in a raw we have a great experience, we felt wonderful, kids enjoy swimming in perfect places. Atmosphere was peacefull and relaxing together with our captain and Katerina. Food better than in any restaurant!
Denisa Roxana Bogdan Bogdan
Andrei Andrei Sofia Alex

Thank you very much for this beautiful trip. We love you Kate! We hope to see you again...and a big kiss to Greg, too.
Sofia, Francesca, Carolina
Incredible staff, fantastic food, spotless boat. Extra-special attention. Thank you!
Ned Bruha
Thank you so much for a truly amazing week! This has been the best vacation we have ever had. The food was delicius, the crew was bind and caring. The dolphins, ses turtle islands and water I will miss it all. Until next time.
Thanks so much for the most amazing and wonderful week. I had a blast of fun, food and swimming. hope to boat with you next year. Much love 
So sad to leave my Greek Family. This too short week goes to fast each year. But we stay with you all year in our hearts. Love 
Debbie and Andy Conaway
This week has been just another wonderful adventure with you all - our extended Greek "family". Please come let us share some hospitality to you in the U.S. Can't wait to come back and do it all again!
Tracy & Tomas
I enjoed the dolphin the most but after all I like jumping in the sea a lot  and had so much fun but I was also sad that I am going to leave. The best boat 
I really loved this holiday sooo much. I will definately torce my parents to come here again. I LOVED jumping in the sea (scared at first but did it in the end) I was so happy when I finally saw a dolphin and swam with them. I think me and my parents are not gonna eat for days cus there was so much food. Anyways I will give this boat 1.000.000/10. I will miss you
Thank you so much for allowing our crazy family onto your boat. The places you took were truly amazing! My favourite part was probably watching and swimming with dolphins although I do love jumping off the boat. I will miss all of you and the boat!
We've celebrated my birthday. Everything was great. It was a wonderful trip and I'm sure that if I have an opportunity I'll come back.
It was an amazing trip. The crew was awesome real professionals. This was one of the most amazing experience we ever had.

Thank you for an incredible experience involving sand, sea and sun accompanied by beautiful hosts and tasty food.
A magic day thank you. Most amazing food. Best day ever!!!
We have a great pleasure with this boat and captain!!!
Everything was wonderful!!!
1.Take a small group of Bulgarian travellers
2.Cook for them: sushi, shrimps saganaki
3.Let them rest a bit...
4. Then cook for them: octapus, sea urchins, fagri, gavros saganaki
5.In the end you have a small group of fat and happy Bulgarian travellers and friends!
P.S.: As you can see we have spent wonderful time with Valia and Gregory. Again sending you warm huggs from Sofia.
Sokolov & Roussev fam.
Fabulous week with Katerina and Gregory again. Thank you so much. Fantastic food, so lucky to ride the waves, enjoy the islands, see the dolphins, enjoy Gregory and Katerina's amazing meals, swim, drink and relax.
Thank you Georgia
Katerina and Gregory you are wonderful people thanks for everything!

Thank you so much for an incredible week. Fabulous meals and wine and company - the best hospitality! I don't want to go home! See you again.
Thank you so much for such a lovely holiday! Everything was absolutely amazing; the food, the boat, the sun sofas - everything. The islands were beautiful - and the dolphins!
Thanks again for such an amazing trip
Thanks for such an incredible time, I will never forget the experiences that we gained here. Hope to see you next year!
It was spendid, it was wonderful. Thanks to Grigorios and his company with best wishes
Galina Samara

This was the best trip ever. Thanks so much for the food and the great company you shared with us. From America to Greecce we wish you a happy and healthy summer!
Manson, Guy
and the boys.

A truly incredible weekend that I will undoubtedly  remember forever! Thank you for allowing us to infiltrate your space while touring us around the seas. I look forward to keeping tabs with Guy's future students and their greek adventures! Once again, many thanks and blessings to all!
Caleb Parsons
Words can't express how truly greatful I am for this experience! Thank for making it such a wonderful time!
Henfy Neuvll
Thank you again for this amazing sailing trip in Greece. Beeing a Greek American. I truly have appreciated this experience. It has strengthened my connection with my Greek roots and was a great first trip to Greece. The food was one of the best parts. I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. The  beauty of the water and landscapes will stay with me forever.
Nick Adams

Dear Valia & all sailors, once again wonderful memories. Thanks much for every charming extras. We're gonna miss you from the moon and back.
Guy and friends

Amazing trip and great experience. We look forward to booking the boat again and it will definitely be for at least a week.
Excellent cuisine great attitude, friendly staff!
We saw Greece from the best possible way.
Many thanks to the crew
From the doctors

Woww, what an amazing journey!
Gregory and Katerina are the best host we have ever had. Our experience was realy great. Strongly recommend Gregory's cooking.
Team Chemobau from Germany
Thank you for the amazing experience!
It was very cool! Great journey! Delicious dishes!

It was the most exciting adventure of this summer. The children felt wouderful, they swam in the most blue and brightest waters of the bays of Sithonia.
Thanks Katerina and captain Gregory you are so good hosts!
P.S. Captain Gregory, you are a very good chef,your food was delicious. We will certainly return next year!
Thank you a lot we love you!
Hope to see you again!
Bravo Captain & Katerina!
A wonderfull day!

Thanks and love for such a wonderful sail! 
Thank you for a the most Excellent sail and sense of the most amazing food. You are the best captain in the world!
Such a charming father and daughter. We feel so lucky to have had you in our time. Our thought I would say this "See you next year"
Time and space have lost all meaning here. On board and cruising for a week seens to have ended before it began! Captain Grigoris and Katerina are a perfect team and make this the experience of a life time. We will be back. Best wishes to the team of Challkidiki-Yachts!
It was amazing trip!
Thank you for paradise in Skandzoura, mirror in Kyra Panagia, perfect storm in Skiathos, delicious food, unforgettable sunrises & sunsets and safety trip. 
We wil never forget this adventure!

Thankyou for the best birthday experience ever! And stunning time with your incredible team!
Thank you so much, we had an incredible time with some of the best food I've ever eaten!
Lovely boat, lovely journey & especially lovely people & food! An amazing journey all around & wouldn't change anything!
Love you Greg!heart
Thank you for an amazing week - the food was insame. Couldn't get much better. Yammas!!
Wonderful trip, delicious food, fantastic captain an indispensable Katerina. What a fabulous week. Thank you so much!
Amazing food and an incredible trip! 
Thank you very much, it has been incredible, i want another week!
Dear Gregory & Katerina thank you for a fabulous week, fantastic food, great company, we had an amazing time! Lots of love!

The best holiday in 2018 we had!!!
Fantastic weather, fantastic service, fantastic enjoying life!!!
We will come back 
smiley   Thank you very much!!!
"Proluka"- team

That was aamazing!
The best trip ever!
Sunny, Sweet, Funny! Thank you!
Thank you for the perfect day!
Thank you it was great!

The beauty begins at the moment you decide to be your self. You are very nice! Thank you!
The band from Bulgaria
Dear Katherina & Gregory,
Thank's so much for the wonderful week! It is paradise on the boat excellent! I ate the best fried zucchini ever! Hope to see you soon.
Love Florence
Dear Gregory and Katharina Thank you so much for the great time we had, we loved the trip to the sporades!
Steffi and Chris
Thank you, it was a wonderful trip!! In the future I will always say to my guest: TEST!
Dear Gregory and Katharina thank you for the wonderful trip the food you made was just great Iloved it soooo much thank you for every think
From Philine
Dear Valia, Dear Gregory
Thank you for your true friendship!!! Once again PERFECT & EXCELLENT holidays!
everybody +5kg "Test a little! little, little"
evrybody dance now!
Just can't wait to see you again!
Dear Valia and Gregory!!!
Would like to tell you, that we are happy to spend a wonderful vacation with you! Thank you! We wish you to keep an atmosthere of love and happines!
We love Chalcidique and Valia and Gregory

Thank you for this amazing experience. We had a fabulous time full of adventurs for all members of the family. The best Capitain and the best skipper. We hope we can come back soon!
The theme song of the holiday: "lonely...I am so lonely"
The world of te holiday: "Teleios"
The activity: "sakafoto"
The best food: whatever the capitain made for us
Your favorite person and brand new best friend (and future partner in business?): D
Lu Diego Isabella
Veronika Kostis
Konstantinos Markos Christina

What a brilliant trip. The captain and his daughter Katharina were always there for us. They made us feel sooo welcome. They took very good care of us and we would recommend this tour in the Greek islands to all...families and couples too. Great company and lovely to Greg and Katherina
Thank you for sharing your love for your cantry with us. It was an anfogettable trip.

Excellent boat
Excellent captain cook
Excellent beaches
Wonderfull Katerina
Thank you 
Familly Gold-Tonwe

Life is a journey. And every journey comes to give you unique experiences, memories you will keep with you forever. Gregory you are an EXPERIENCE, and you made our journey in Chalkidiki unique. Thank you.
The World Party crew was here

To our great Captain Gregory and the fabulous Kathrine!
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a Fabulous Experience!!! Your attentio to detail, your local knowledger, your culinary skills-excellent. Thank you for making our arriversary celebrations, one we will never forget
Thank you
With love

Dear Gregori & Evangelina!
We have spent three unforgettable days withh you. We would like to eatend best wishes and regards for the love and care you gave us. 
Thanks for evrething!
We hope to meet you again!
Olga, Inna, Asya,Kaz, Svetlana,
Alexandra, Andrey, Lera

We looked for a beautiful Katamaran with a good skipper and a friendly hostess.
And what did we find?
A luxury and cozy katamaran with a great and sympathic captain revealing as an excellent cook who made us tasty greek specialities. The best octapus, shrimpes and mussels we ever ate and perhaps we didn't like before! He definitly won a medal also for cookong!
Katerina was a real fairy at the "kitchenbattle" and a dear friend and super babysister for our girls and granddaughters Florence, Philine and Emilie. Thank you!!! It was our first great experience on a katamaran and it will not be our last one...But only with Gregory and Lio's family!
Goodbye and see you again!

Coming aboard "excellent" we were hoping to find beautiful deep sea and great landscapes, but alongside paradisical nature we found wonderful, deep and great people.
Being aware that it might sound pathetic, this vacation changed our life. Valia and Gregory's attitude bowards life can free the mind and the soul in these days.
We don't know what will be, but todays inspiration is the foundation for future happiness.
Thank you for the sincere hospitality!!!
To a long friendship. YAMAS!

Ok, that was a wonderful journey..We came on board as the aliens and naw leaving it as a part of the big family of Valia and the best captain Grigory! Well guies you were our best crew and best nannies, and local guides. some of us used to be in Greece before, some didn't but none of us knew that beautiful counry and the best Aegean fron the sides that you've showed us. We love your cousine, your wonderful sence of humor, your unbelievable patience and sincerity. Tell you what: our feelings are bigger than our knowledge in English, so again THANK YOU! 
Dear Gregori and Valia
Thank you for the EXCELLENT holidays. We have spend a fantastic week sailing with you. We have been surprised by the astonishing views of sithonia. The warm and calm waters of the Aegean sea and specially by your hospitality, we really felt an home.
We had a lot of fun swimming, jumping from the boat, snorlling and enjoying tha sailing. 
I will not forget the nice history chats with Valia and her excellent Greek food.
We had a lot of fun with Gregory, speaking in his perfect Spanish and with a Mythos always ready.
Thanks again for a fantastic week I am sure will come back again.
All the best 

Thank you for this week on your splendid boat sailing the Greek seas. I really did like it, specially swimming and seeing the wonderful fish. Thank you Gregory for helping me in finding sea shells and for the necklace, and thank you Valia for the great food, with all those amazing breakfasts.
Have a great summer

Dear Gregory and Katharina
This week teached us a lots af the Greek culture, food and scenery. Definitely a coundry to come back to! Of course our holiday couldn't have been perfect without Captain Zeppos for showing us quiet beaches and very nice restaurants.
Katharina was preserved us every day of tasty dishes, nice coffe and all what our hεarts desired. Kids also loved her a lot!
We had a marvellous holiday thanks to you!!!

If it exists a word to indicaste the hospitality, the kidness, the breathtaking landscapes, the food, the experience, in other words, all what we saw, we tasted, we felt in this week this word is EXCELLENT. And I've to say that it;s also not enough. so thank you Valia, thank you Gregory, thank you Katerina and thanks to Giorgos, emmanouela and their sons that spent this period with us, for this unforgetable holiday

Thanks a lot for the graetful travel in the boat with dolphins and the wonderfull beach! Thanks Gregory for your hospitality and your smile! The big party it was very funny! 
Thanks a lot for all!
Good luck for you

Great time again with cpt. Greg, the crew and the family. Thanks for always being so welcoming and helfull, hope to see you again soon 
Guy Graul
Thank you for guiding us through the endless island of Greece and your hospitality!!!
Thank you all for the fun that the for of us had on the yacht! It was a blast seeing the three legs of Greece a weekend wwe couldn;t forget!!
Thank you so mych for your hospitality! It was an amazing first trip to Greece and i can't wait to come back with you again!!!
What a perfect day! Great atmosphere with everyone aboard. Just a wonderful day of sailing, swimming, dancing, eating- will send photos! 
Thanks again
Frank & Pat Ross

Dear Chalkidiki Yachts, the "excellent" crew, and the woderful family who hosted us;
This experience that you have made for us has been totally unexpected! Gregory and Themis are some of the most kind men I've ever met, and their passion for th sport of sailing was inspiring. As a traveling Student, I have been amazed at the adventure that can be found around the world, and thassaloniki will always be a bright spot in my memory of what a good boat, a great crew, and an amazing country can create!
Thank you

Thank you so much for all you've done for us this week and making our trip so enjoyable. Thanks for all the wonderful meals and for showing us all the best place in Greece. I hope you have an awesome season 
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all of you; Valia, Greg, Themis you are all amazing people and have made our visit to Greece more memorible than I thought possible. 
From the bottom of my heart

Valia & Gregory (the best captain and the best wife)
Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This was truly the most unique experience and it couldn't have happend without you two balancing energies! You are woderful people and I would love to see you again!
There is beauty that is hidden, there is love that is unheared, there is light that is not seen unless there is someone that can uncover, unveit it for you. So Valia & Gregory, thank you for showing us the beauty of natural with your boat and your great hearts!
We love you, see you again.



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