North Aegean islands

The islands in the North Aegean have their own identity. Each one is a destination with unique wild beauty and rich cultural heritage. Largely unexplored, this cluster of islands may not be tourist-magnets but that is exactly what gives them their charm. Kick back and relax beachside or go exploring in these unspoilt, quirky and seductive treasures on this side of the Aegean: Limnos, Samothrace, Thasos, and Agios Efstratios.


Thasos, island of the Sirens, offers you as many options as there are colours in the blues of the sea and sky, the green of the trees and the golden hues of the sandy beaches. Chrysi Akti, Chrysi Ammoudia, Agios Antonios, Alykes, Trypiti, Skala Potamia, Paralia Limena, Pefkari, Skala Rahoiou, Gkiola, Saliara or Marble beach as foreign tourists call it. Paradise on Earth. Truth in advertising! The exotic beach that goes by the name Paradise is considered one of the finest in the Aegean. The combination of the azure of the sea, pale or golden sand and green backdrops will enchant you. Topping it off are the tavernas, beach bars and water sports available at some of the most popular beaches.
  • Swim in extremely crystal turquoise waters

    explore hidden beauty, ancor in inaccessible bays

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